Release History

1.0.2 15.01.2006
1.0.1 14.01.2006
0.1.0 20.11.2005
0.0.1 13.11.2005

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Release 1.0.2 - 15.01.2006

add Added tool tips to nodes of the tree to display error messages in case of errors or other useful information otherwise. Thanks to Andrei Loskutov . Matthias Burbach
add Filtered out certain logical page action mappings which don't forward to a tile. Thanks to Andrei Loskutov . Matthias Burbach
add Added a 'Collapse all' action to the popup menu of the tree. Thanks to Andrei Loskutov . Matthias Burbach
add Improved error handling of the JSP parser. Matthias Burbach
add Added parsing support for tiles:insert tags using the attribute 'definition'. Matthias Burbach

Release 1.0.1 - 14.01.2006

add Transformed Mosaique into an Eclipse plug-in. The major advantage of this is the tight integration with the editors available in Eclipse. Also, the plugin version supports simultaneous access to multiple Struts configs in multiple Eclipse projects. Detected errors are reported through error adornments on the node icons. The old Swing ui is still working but will not be supported any longer. The name of the Sourceforge release package has changed from mosaique to mosaique4eclipse. The release units .zip, .tar.gz,, -src.tar.gz are superce ded by a single .zip. Thanks to Andrei Loskutov and Theresa Uhlig . Matthias Burbach

Release 0.1.0 - 20.11.2005

change Improved text selection within file that corresponds to the currently selected node. Matthias Burbach
add Added JavaDoc. Matthias Burbach
add Added overview documentation and screenshot. Matthias Burbach
add Registered Mosaique with Sourceforge. Matthias Burbach

Release 0.0.1 - 13.11.2005

add Created initial version. Matthias Burbach